Be Brave: The art of ‘taking your own containers’

First of all, let’s admit that it takes balls to be the person who is different from everybody else.

But lets also admit that fear of being this person is what prevents most of us from doing things to improve our lives (I could dedicate a whole other website to why it matters that we all conquer this fear, and I might do this one day!).

When it comes to practising zero-waste, you become that person automatically. You are the exception to the rule.

For the majority of you, you have made the conscious decision to be different from your friends and family and the rest of society.

The place where this is most evident is in the supermarket, farm shop, grocery store and anywhere that you need to eat out.

But you are getting the hang of being different right?

  • You’ve mastered the art of taking mesh produce bags to buy loose vegetable and fruit without getting too many strange looks.
  • You’ve taken your own shopping bags to transport things home, nobody blinked an eyelid.
  • You’ve even asked the waiter specifically not to put any straws or plastic stirrers in your drink, the world did not end.

But then, you need to steady yourself, you feel like it’s time to take on the big challenge:

You are going to take your own glass container/ mason jar to ask for meat at the butcher or deli counter.

Stop. Right. There.

Are you sure that you are ready for this?


What if they say no? Do you have a spare hole to crawl into to hide from the embarrassment?

You might want to re-think this plan.

Who wants to be ‘zero waste’ anyway? This was a stupid idea.

Wouldn’t you rather just pick up that over-packaged, plastic-wrapped portion of meat from the refrigerator section instead?

Yeah okay, it might be worse for the planet and your health but it will save you from the strange looks you will get from other shoppers and also the probing questions they will ask about why you are bringing your own container!

And god-forbid the compliments you will get for be a conscious shopper, nobody likes those.

Seriously, do not take your own container to the supermarket, don’t become a better person, instead go back to listening to societal peer pressure – it hasn’t done you any harm so far right?