Feel good Fridays: Beer made from waste bread

Feel good Fridays are a series of posts that are intended to counteract the negative aspects of waste. I will be sharing examples of projects that are tackling waste in new and innovative ways.

This week I want to share with you the story of ‘Toast’ the beer that is brewed from waste bread products.

A shocking 24 million slices of bread are thrown away by UK households every year! And Tristram Stuart (noted UK food activist) could not stand back and watch this happen without taking action and so with his business partners he created Toast Ale.

Their website is here: Toast Ale.

The company take bread that is unsold by artisan bakers and crust ends of loaves that are automatically discarded by sandwich manufacturers and  use it within their process, this saves the bread from being wasted.

All profits go to the charity Feedback, which is the charity started by Tristram to fight against food waste.

This is a really innovative example of a social business, not only are they tackling food waste directly but they are using the profits to continue to fight food waste on a larger scale.

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