Zero waste chocolate: The Jackpot

I eat chocolate almost every day. Of course I can live without it but I would rather not.

Of all the things that I no longer eat due to the wasteful packaging (hello… crisps!), chocolate cannot be one of the things that leaves my life for this reason.

Thankfully I don’t have to give up chocolate and neither do you, there are a tonne of zero-waste chocolate options on the market and the other day while shopping in Tesco I hit the jackpot: A whole end aisle dedicated to chocolate in recyclable packaging.

Zero waste chocolate


There were several brands on this aisle including Green & Blacks, Lindt and even Tesco own-brand chocolate.

Almost all of the chocolate was packaged in aluminium foil with a cardboard or paper outer shell around it.

The cardboard and paper can go into the normal recycling bin and the foil can be recycled at some supermarkets with other metal tins and cans.

For quality-control purposes I couldn’t leave the shop empty-handed, I had to try some of these delights to make sure that they were safe for consumption!

I take my zero-waste research very seriously and so I did the right thing and bought two bars to try:



The caramel brownie introduced itself very politely and so obviously I ate the crap out of that one first! It was totally safe to eat and utterly delicious.


The Green and Blacks lasted a few hours longer but was gone within the week. I’m happy to report that this too was a safe bar of chocolate with much deliciousness.

Of course I will have to continue this process of testing just to ensure that the standards of quality are kept high!

Hand on heart I can say that I prefer these bars of chocolate over the normal next-to-the-checkout chocolate bars that are wrapped in non-recyclable packaging.

So the moral of the story is this: you don’t have to give up things to become zero-waste. You can find heavenly zero-waste treats right in your local supermarket.


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