Lets talk about ‘The Void’ shall we?

By June 5, 2016Purpose

Let’s talk about the void shall we?

If you have already reached the point of clearing mental and physical clutter from your life then you will already have an understanding of the void.

You already know what I’m talking about.

You’ve already had an encounter with the void and you didn’t like it.

It’s that blank space past the clutter horizon where you can’t see anything at all. It looks big and scary and EMPTY.

This scares you.

You wonder what the heck you are going to fill it with and are terrified of having an empty life. What if you were wrong to get rid of all your things, what if life really is about the things you own and having more stuff.

Please breathe.

I’m here to reassure you that The Void is the most beautiful part of finding purpose in your life.

It’s the holy grail.

It represents an opportunity to fill up your life with purpose, meaning and all the amazing gifts that you have to give the world.

You will fear the void to start with: You don’t want an empty life. What if you don’t find anything to fill it?

But once you start taking action towards the things that mean the most, you will only wish for a bigger and bigger void.

And pretty soon you will wonder how you ever had time for all the meaningless possessions and activities that you used to clutter your life with.

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