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Welcome to the 1 Million Tonne challenge.

We exist because waste exists, all around us, every day.

Globally we produce 1.3 BILLION tonnes of waste per year, that’s 3.5 Million tonnes of waste* EVERY DAY!

The most common method of dealing with this waste is to bury it in a landfill site.

Even in high-income countries where waste management appears to be more advanced, we still put the majority of our waste into big holes in the ground.

We believe that this is unacceptable and totally avoidable.

So we created the Million Tonne Challenge to prevent 1 million tonnes of waste from entering the environment.

We provide methods and tips to help individuals and businesses to prevent waste from occurring; eliminating waste prevents all the downstream problems associated with managing it.

To us, prevention is the highest priority and currently receives the least attention in the waste management plans of businesses and local authorities. We aim to change this.

We also organise clean-ups to remove waste from our communities and redirect it to recycling plants.

Please have a look around and be inspired to join us.

*This figure only accounts for municipal solid waste (MSW) generated by households and businesses, it does not include any commercial & industrial (C&I) or construction wastes. The original figures are from a report by The World Bank which is available here: Global waste generation.