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My name is Tegan, I am the creator of Million Tonne Challenge, I am a waste and recycling GEEK, a manufacturing engineer and I drive a really sustainable car (see above).

If you are reading this, you are are looking for a back story to this challenge, a reason, a WHY.

Here is my WHY:

  • Since a child I have been very environmentally minded, one of my early memories includes making a video with my auntie to send to our local council about the amount of litter in our local park and forcefully telling everyone that they needed to recycle, recycle, recycle
  • As an adult I started to realise the wider impact that my lifestyle was having on the world, as the number of possessions I had grew and ‘stuff’ piled up around me, I became curious about the environmental and social implications that all of this stuff was having on me and on the planet
  • What i learned horrified me, waste buried in giant holes in the ground or burned in open landfills, plastic filling the ocean and landscapes and endangering wildlife and ecosystems, and social injustices occurring over waste
  • I could no longer sit back and do nothing, I had to act
  • I began by becoming a minimalist, I eliminated truck loads of ‘stuff’ from my life and pared my possessions down until I owned only the items that I truly needed, used or loved
  • I followed this by trying to go zero waste in my own life, it was much harder than I ever expected, I made some mistakes, went too big too soon, but step by step I discovered a method that made the transition easier and made my life better in all areas
  • Soon I realised that although my waste at home had improved, it would take collective action of whole communities to even scratch the surface of the global waste problem
  • So I quit my job, went back to university to get my PhD in Sustainable Manufacturing and learnt everything I could about the scale of the global waste problem & potential solutions
  • This is when the Million Tonne Challenge was born
  • The Million Tonne Challenge aims to prevent 1 million tonnes of waste from entering the environment and the oceans
  • I believe that this is not only possible but it is critical, if we can prevent waste happening in the first place then we can stop the damage before it even occurs
  • I want to show you how changing your attitude to ‘stuff’ and waste can improve not only your trash-can but many other areas of your life as well
  • Please go look around and be inspired to take action, little actions everyday add up to huge changes for your life and the environment